The Looking Glass


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These...

...the silence escaped my sweet Lullabies...

Saturday, March 3, 2012


It’s those sideways glances,
Those midnight itches,
The breathless inhalation,
Begging; ‘one last time’.

It’s the fear in your eyes,
The weakness of heart,
And the anger of will,
That crushes you inside.

Seize a forgotten moment,
Seems all to lusty a wish,
For danger of temptation,
Is but a forceful kiss.

Poison in those eyes,
Scare my self-devotion,
While the whining demons,
Receive your own demise.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


soldier of the unholY guard,
driver Of UnintentiOnal forthcoming.
enquire, I asK, unDErlying tidings-
mAy relish Relinquished numbing?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smoky Avenues

They say.
They say we are one of many,
That we live multiple lives.
They say we are never the same,
But always travel by lies.
They say.
They say we live in fear,
That one day we will forget.
That the only lie worth living,
Has turned out to be regret.
They say.
They say we are all worthless,
That no one has a soul.
They say we wonder the streets,
By-passers with a touch so cold.
They say.
They say life is just a time-slot,
And that no one really cares.
That we are our own God,
And its our reflection that stares.
They say.
They say we were built to hurt,
That we have been cursed,
They say we weren’t meant to smile
But live by the worst.
They say.
They say, when we are alone,
That’s when we remember best.
All the dreams once true,
Has come to its rest.
They say.
That say that Love is a lie,
That its core is brutal and fake.
But that it turns us human,
Even just for a seconds break.
They say.
They say it’s better to have lost,
That disappointment is our key.
They say life is a fallen avenue,
And death is the only way free.
They say.
So they say.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, Holy!

Our Father, who art in heaven,
Our Sin, which rein in Hell.
Hallowed be thy Name,
Blessed by our Lust.
Thy kingdom come,
Pain will Prevail.
Thy will be done,
We will succumb.
On earth as it is in Heaven,
To nightmares of thine Son.
Give us this our daily Bread
In thy deepest feast, we Bow.
And forgive us our Trespasses,
As your torch threatens our Heart.
As we forgive Those,
Of no mercy Comes.
Who trespass against Us,
And surrenders no Name.
And lead us not into Temptation,
To summon our deepest Desires.
But deliver us from Evil.
With intrinsic Insomnia.
For thine is the Kingdom,
Ruled forever in Darkness.
And the power, and the Glory,
In thy command, and Incantation.
For ever, and Ever,
The king of Eternity.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


7pm get up on my side,
With nothing left to hide,
Living in a small mind
I lived a dull life-line.
Down, I hit the water on hot,
Touching me as if it was taught.
Undertone I hear my name,
As I revolt against the game.
It must be me on the screen,
I belong on the scene,
I want to be sought,
I want to be bought,
I want to be badly caught.
Tarring off my icy body,
Flat on the eager filled lobby,
With the lenses on my.
I breathe out a long sigh.
Each on their own high,
Surrounded by several cries.
Scratches and hands on my hip,
I breathe and bit off my lip.
This river inside me flowing,
I need to keep going,
Its only begun tonight,
Won’t sleep till its right.
7pm get up on my side,
With nothing left to hide,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Diary

Dear Dear Diary.
So many faces,
So many games,
Too many players,
And I’ve lost track of mine.
When all look alike,
When entertainment gets dull,
And players lifeless,
What then do I look for?
I’ve been down every bad road,
The worst are yet to come,
Most times I just turn around,
And face the way I left behind.
At least I got my old recipe,
At least the past is familiar,
Even if it was the wrong direction,
At least I know where I was going.
I’m the number two and many,
It gets easier to change,
It gets harder to remain the same,
But it never runs out of options.
When all is done,
When all the glitter fades away,
What remains is so little,
That living for it seems pointless.
All the memories just get lost,
We eventually just forget who we are,
I can’t even tell what I have,
I can’t tell what I want.
And in this deep living spell,
We remain, we linger,
And go missing all over again,
Missing, like the day we were born.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I can’t breathe.
The night casts dims rays of
Streetlights onto my bedroom walls.
Silhouettes frozen in every corner of the room.
A coward under my bed, I hear but the faint voices from somewhere deep in the city.
And everything falls around me.

I say Sir, spare some change for a broken soul.
I need to find me some air to breath for I have lost my spirit.
Down here in these abandoned streets all is quiet. All is dead.
The uninteresting stones on the pavement shed their shadows, long and dim.
Hiding behind the clouds, the moon leaves its inevitable glow seep through.
The world of the night is watching me, and waits for my fall.

The sound of my beating heart invades my head like a sick creature.
The side trees shiver from the damp winds as it howls past the alleys.
My reflection looks at me with disgust, such a poor, dismal, little child.
I slip, with nothing to hold onto, just the concrete scraping beneath my feet.
Red lips of mine kiss the dust-filled floor; under my bed I am no more.
I am fallen.

Monday, September 14, 2009

No one there.

And so she clawed
Herself down the ladder
Till she hit a whisper
And sang the child goodnight.

Drop after drop,
She Listens the quiet
Fearing the look
Of her crushed essence.

Marooned in desperation
She hears a shadow
With echoing stories
And past lullabies.

Her twin awakens
Out of her excursion
Reminding the path
She once was on.

Standing tilted above
The ground so low
Another phantom
Her road yet to lose.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Let me lie here next to you,
Let me lie here next to You.
For I, shall show my love True.

Time, running fast anew,
Once before, we did pursue.
Past my eyes away you flew,
No, a lie, it was not through!

You, eternally mine, were too,
Cast, suddenly out of the blue,
How, Now aggression flew,
Mine! Mine! “I´ll stick like glue”.

Back to front, I passed the queue,
Old-fashioned lovers I overthrew,
Face-to-face, again, we Two…
You kissed the floor, away we flew.

Bleach ran the heart you drew,
Raging skin and tears in view,
Eternally together, now I knew,
I will die, to be with You.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two little Demons

Glass eyes, born, every time I wake,
While the endless rain knocks above my head.
As I turn to my left, the dreams were fake,
What’s left is the nightmare, once off my bed.

Two strangers in this world, two lunatics that have met,
Why did you have to go, it can’t ever be re-set.
I hold my breath, what a foolish game,
Was it just on purpose, or did we need someone to blame?

The passion still there, yet we lie alone,
Fuming with rage and still as a stone.
Fortune sais; we are mates till the soul,
Forever lasting, was that not our goal?

Who will hold me warm at night, who will make you laugh,
How long will you keep this up, how far is this path?
Do you want to run from me, or do you need to live,
How can I endure this pain, how much time should I give?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Phase II

Sitting, waiting, praying for You,
While running past the bridge of lies,
Searching the valleys for a clue,
Mocking My sad ambiguous cries.

Boy, I am so in Love with You,
The smell of fire, not yet passed,
While dawn still creeps, we’re cut in two,
As I wait our odium to surpass.

Mine, still faint, still new, for You,
No night will run from a dream,
Paint my alibi with words of ´I do´,
And some day, the ultimate will be seen.

Sunday, October 19, 2008 Ruin

Past the unclosed door,
Swift, there you stand,
And I, a lustful whore,
Love you beyond grand.

A cocktail of Hells word,
They linger in our mind,
Forget escape, the spills herd,
Once harsh but now kind.

I hate you and I love you,
But I especially hate you.
Peaceful dare, the only clue,
Why you are so addicting too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lonely Picture

Like a June-bug outside your window-still,
Wishing to get in and out of the storm.
My face against the cold glass.
Once long ago, I remember when it was warm,
Your love has come and gone to pass,
Yet tears in my eyes still spill.

Silence in the song of time.
Silence in these lines of mine.

The keys on the piano still play.
A hundred years pass, but my cry lasts.
If only you had asked me to stay.
If only you hadn’t let memories past.
My heart has gone and died away,
What´s left is my sad and worn portray.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Just a Dark Thought

Come, Demon of pain, i wellcome thee.
Let us join in grief and honour the sorrow.
Allow the scare-crows of time to re-open our eyes,
And catch the infinite sparks of despair we´ve forgotten.

Let us rejoice in the pits of our hollow minds,
And face the truth of it´s emptiness.
Flush the scratching cold down our backs,
And slap the screaming winds on our face.

Oh come, hold me tight with thou ritousness,
I surrender freely to embrace thy torture.
Take my pride and provoke my lost soul.
Poison my breath onto the devils scrole.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

You´re already Gone

Its not the Tears in my eyes,
Nor the sorrow goodbyes,
Quite far from midnight cries,
Even the loneliest sighs.

Its you i cant deny,
Not for moments that i try,
The fear that questions why,
In sleeps of when i die.

Oh thunder crashing by and by,
Hopeless darkness in the sky,
It´s not you thats by my side,
Only a ghost that screams goodbye.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Delirious, sad and convinced,
The pedigree of all time.
Over the bricks of dawn,
Denying the wrong of past.
The fatal lifetime turns,
To suffer a faulty demise.
Rejection of this cycle,
No mending in its path.
Just another endless fight,
Suffocating my eternal light.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sold Dreams

Numb, and silent from sleepy fingers,
A night away from a nights night.
Yet I sleep as time goes by,
Dreaming a starving song of sleep.
Cant get up, cant make me cry,
Here ill stay till mornings by.
Taken away by dreadful wishes,
A place I know, where secrets are sold.

Friday, June 27, 2008


A golden necklace,
To caress my neck,
Its chains so strong,
Mind-blowing gift.

A box,
Filled with candy,
A perfect conjunction,
Of white assortment.

This comb so shiny,
Running through my hair,
Silky strains pave my skin
Till I conjure with flair.

And a glass, of sugar-sweet,
To perfume my lips,
I feel the heat.
A dying picture,
The lonely street.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Oh Hell, Oh hell,
What have I done.
Don’t think I’m well,
I plunged the fun.
Deep in my cell,
I clutch my gun.
Push down the bell,
Forgot to run..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SCHIZOPHRENIA : On the other side

So, i follow her;

Those deep green eyes,
Her fear that dies,
Hidden close, by lies,
The night-marish cries.

Before her I stand,
Clean glass at sight,
Can’t block her Hand,
I lost the fight.

Tiles walls close in,
My voice is numb,
She smiles at me,
Cold loss at sea.

I watch her go,
The mirror breaks out,
Next time she comes,
It’s me she’ll doubt.

There, I stand
Reflect the vile ghost,
Alone, she’s no clue,
Her soul’s almost out.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The coming hour

Rage and hate and hate and Rage,
A clicking clock escapes its cage.
A time so far, so far the Time,
When addicts await a thriving crime.

And so we sigh the coming hour,
Where sour-sweet turns sweet to sour.
Through sickness that in all us feed,
The time, that time, excites our seed.

Innocent Prey

The valleys widen, and mountains grow,
The heavens have turned a silent glow.
Streams lurk, dark rivers flow,
Thunder comes prompt a-slow.

Her hands ravenous
Those lips so sharp
Hail every moment
Her lullaby harp.

As slaves turn wild
They see no harm,
Till all goes quiet,
Now spills Alarm.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Once apon a time,

A girl woke a dream

Savage and delightful space

Of which she never returned.